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Kriti S2:E6 - No harm in Trying
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Kareena S2:E7 - Fuck Me Again
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SS - Creative Bastard Diaries !! ft. Sid
hot share
maza agaya
[Image: 122740549_s1-e3.jpg]

[Image: 93689418_faish2.jpg]
waiting for this one
Aishwarya Rai .. an ace model once.. in india !

when she was young and hot ... she had this .. vicious feature in her

she ruled it.. she was a bomb . back then . !

bt some things are not meant to stay forever 

after all.. modeling was a time phase.. she had to work her future .. 

her retirement .. her rest of life.. 

hence married USA based businessman .. 

[Image: aishwarya-rai-hot-cleavage-photos-at-gir...val-19.jpg]
Despite he was already divorced and had a son .. 

that didnt stop aish from marrying him .. and that too for 2 reasons

1. money 2. living in USA for rest of her life !

it was going smooth .. she was a house wife house mother .. 

raising her step son . jack ! 

was known in every gathering .. parties circuit ..

she was famous and well known !

her friends use to envy her .. .because of her looks . 

[Image: e91604db5bf8733fe6974d8f0c064b9d.jpg]
ooooooooooohhhhhhhhhhhh  sex sex sex
she was in her 40's bt could make any young teen weak in his knees . .

and can literally move men on her fingers !

her step son .. jack .. was a nerdy child ..

always into books and all.. never interacted with other children 

making him perfect prey for the bullies at school 

among one was an Indian boy .. rahul .. 

[Image: c573283ef81c46f48eef0be6c0a615d4.jpg]
His family just moved to the states .. bt that mumbai chhaap . attitude was still in him !

he took jack as an easy pick . and every single morning in school

use to bully him . snatching his food . or making him lick his feet

were few of the humiliating things he use to do !

slowly jack .. was losing it .. that humiliation .. and insult

[Image: maxresdefault.jpg]
One day back home. he couldnt control his tears .. 

Aish was already home . and as soon as she opened the door ..

she saw jack crying . 

she immediately took him in her grip . and made him cough .. out what this new kid was doing to him 

furious frustrated angry .. she asked him his home address .. 

and told him .. this wont happen tomorrow or ever again .... 

Aish - u stay home . and have some sleep

Aish grabbed her car keys .. and drives to the given address !

[Image: 01-Aishwarya-Rai-Hot-Photo-Shoot-Poses-f...Photos.jpg]

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