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Mixed Bag Incest Fantasies On Actresses
[Image: 291573346143347b3b9587883093139605c3efeb.jpg]

ఆ జాకెట్ చించేసి అమ్మ సల్లని పిసికి పిసికి దెంగాలి
[Image: 291573337b0eef3c4f693f416a0d2a2a13e603c8.jpg]
[Image: 29157335d73f5e22f8ccd6885baffc1fd22f8e31.gif]
నైట్ అంతా దెంగి మరొ రౌండుకు వచ్చెసరి అమ్మ చూపులు
[Image: 29157338e1854b6759e471f92f841632e7d35427.jpg]

[Image: 29157337d639ef597421187b6fd94ba3731378f3.jpg]

నిగిడిన మొడ్డ చుసెసరికి అమ్మ కి మూడ్ వచెసింది
[Image: 291573367dc3a799b86f17372b98c218b72e2bf0.jpg]
అమ్మని వొంగొబెట్టి, చీర లంగా పైకెత్తి,
గుద్దలొ మొడ్డపెట్టి జుట్టు పట్టి దెంగుతూ ఉంటే Aaaahhhhhh
[Image: 2915733966688cbb7a0b09b9371357b749c5d037.gif]
Wow super mind blowing fantastic
My mom is Sexually attracted to me
ever since she saw my cock, while I was bathing..  
Mom was feeling like an incestuous slut
for dreaming about having incestuous sex with her me,
[Image: 291575599651043eee7f6dde2020829355b3cf1d.jpg]
[Image: 29157558d46a8ac77f82aff841e1f8eaed959d1c.jpg]

she never realized that her fantasy could be her reality
until she heard my conversation with my friend.
[Image: 291575604063bd23131e6469a2078b77824f7940.jpg]
I was masturbating while talking to a friend..

While stroking my cock I said
"I'd love to see my Mom naked,"  
"I'd love for my mother to blow me,
so that I could cum in her mouth and watch her swallow."
"I really want to fuck my mom so bad"
[Image: 291575683b625c9d0c0435a9f1600df09234ec97.jpg]

then my friend asked 
"Do you want to impregnate your mother 
and fill me up with all that cum of yours?"

I said "YES YES I want to impregnate my mom, 
iwant to cum deep inside her"
[Image: 2915756791e10eeed4e11fbac35777033025afaa.jpg]

After secretly listening to our outrageous sexual conversation,
she couldn't believe that her son wants to have sex with her
as much as she wants to have sex with him.
[Image: 29157569fa81005e7e5739d6e7a7777906985f7c.jpg]
After hearing that, she couldn't wait to have sex.
She'd never been so hot or turned on by any guy 
like she did with her own son.

That night, I was asleep but in my dream
mom was sucking my cock and playing with my balls.
I woke suddenly and realized it had been no dream,
mom really was there, in my bed alongside me
holding my now hard dick in her hands.
[Image: 29157577613eacc3425810b589a3d03f96b4ccf1.gif]
“MOM, what’re you doing?” 
I gasped, shocked at finding her there.

“I couldn’t sleep son,” she whispered back softly.
“I heard what you said” “do we have to do this?”
i said "YES MOM"

This Mother/Son marathon fuck session started
with me on my back and Mom riding my cock.
Mom was on top and Mom was in charge.
[Image: 29157576ec9cecd38091e028ace628707c211b11.gif]
She continued this slow, fluid movement. 

Slowly, she picked up speed and started riding my cock like a pro.

[Image: 2915758666f3ad500b1aaadde90f1418aebf2177.gif]
After just a few minutes of this, Mom grabbed me nd said
"I want you to fuck me hard, Son!
Make my pussy feel your big-dick!"

I saw the look of uncontrolled passion in my mom's eyes
and I began to fuck her with harder, faster.
"Fuck me son. Fuck mummy harder!"

I could hold on no longer and  
I thrust deep into Mom's pussy and began to cum. 
I exploded with intense jets of hot, thick cum, 
ejaculating so much and so hard, it almost hurt. 
As I bathed Mom's womb with my semen, 
she lost control too and screaming my name

The room filled with sounds of pleasure 
My orgasm was so intense 
and I came and came and came. 

my mom allowed me to impregnate Her. 
[Image: 2915758530cb376124d7ebea913e8e84ae8b6a3c.gif]

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