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Mixed Bag Incest Fantasies On Actresses
నయనతార వదినమ్మ ఇంత సెక్సి గ ఉంటే మొడ్ద ఎలా ఆగుతుంది
[Image: 29157761299552ab1921ace3e1be11913e62c887.jpg]

[Image: 2915776211594d18430c40928addbff3e10d3814.jpg]
నయనతార వదినమ్మతొ అక్రమ సంబందం పెట్టుకుని
బలవంతంగా దెంగుతుంటే ఆ సుఖమే వేరు
[Image: 29157760e9479d1ea45f2dbe5f7c660553bd93a1.gif]
My mom BhanuPriya...
[Image: 29158767b6cf4d9dd4de5172329a0b213c07d1dd.jpg]

Mom was drunk when she came home..
And she came directly to my room..
She was too drunk to walk on her own,
She almost fell down but I caught her in my arms!
[Image: 291587669b87ffa2299b373962fac10e649807c6.gif]

In her drunken state MOM tried to grab my shirt
to gain her balance but instead
she grabbed my cock, holding it in her grip.
My cock swelled and erected in her hand...
I stood motionless for a few seconds waiting to
see my mothers reaction..

"Thanks sweetie." mom said releasing her grip..
[Image: 291587710cc430c0a6044e0408f6d1fc437a4fad.jpg]
As drunk as she was, mom didn't know exactly where she was,
then she fell on my bed and
immediately she used her hands to hold the pillow against her pussy. .
In moments, she was strumming her pussy like mad.
[Image: 29158765681f549cab3b8b1d86b3ed086fe9a521.gif]
My eyes bulged as she started to orgasm.
She used both hands on the pillow once more as she screamed.
[Image: 2915876494afdfa95523291655480649c107815f.gif]

I pulled it away and used my mouth instead.
It took quite a while for us to calm down.
Then I rubbed my cock against
my mom's wet pussy and then thrust deep inside,
causing MOM to let out a thunderous moan..
[Image: 291588003e3339e5a748e27f95caff4f0dfeff20.gif][Image: 29158799c598d7b04805eaa80e8da327bac7b235.jpg]
I fucked my mom's mouth like it was her pussy...
fast, hard and deep, making her gag at times but I never stopped.
[Image: 29158807fb86aae42c2b9d792527c0b1f58209c6.jpg][Image: 291588065aa3274e86bceaae39512c7b0e1b6bf0.gif]
I fucked my mom till my cum shot down her throat
spilling out the sides of her mouth.
[Image: 291588050ef88cabd74bd72e954f350cf55fbcaf.gif]
I fucked mom like there was no tomorrow.
[Image: 2915881040f3299449a34260e18f0e69cd04ff92.gif]
Even though mom was asleep 
her nipples came to life as I fucked her.
[Image: 29158809296f97006fd7fd5acebe9b818c261cbd.gif][Image: 291588089c2d77bef1f22e5ae8e0ab62d84e37cb.jpg]
As I cummed I kept buried deep in mom's pussy.
While I was deep in her pussy cumming I think I felt her shaking.
I think mom was having an orgasm while sleeping.

The walls of her pussy squeezed my dick.
I felt her pussy milking all of the cum out of me.
It was like she had locked my dick in her and
I wasn't getting out until she let go.

This new feeling made me cum load after load.
[Image: 29158816ed24ea2057b3c0b162b1c5d2fdf4b7d7.jpg]
[Image: 29158815c7ed5d1bedeea836a9cc16c0cd317c8f.gif]

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