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Glamour Xclusive Katrina Kaif : The Ultimate Beauty
We at Xossip have always kept to our rules

a) No underage stuff ever
b) No private / unauthorized pics / videos
c) no nudes/ fakes

We have always posted glamours publicly available pics and videos of celebrities.
Never any underage stuff.
Moderators have always deleted and maintained standards of this forum.

We are as disrespectful to women as an item song like fevicol se in which kareena sings - main to tanduri murgi hoon yaar gatka le saiya alcohol se .....which is what it is titillating fun for mature audience , erotic fantasy book is or a reputed men's magazine like playboy or maxim is. In fact the latter has nudity which we do not allow.

We do not earn any money out of it

We do not support rape culture.

We do not post private content pics or videos of any celebrity.

We are men / who knows women too - who like posting imaginative content praising the sensuality of Celebrity basis publicly available media.

I see many quitting or in fear.

If you are quitting since you posted underage content or posted hacked private pics of anyone ..nude or non - nude or supported rape culture by your posts - please do so. you are not welcome here.

We are not misogynists

We do not support rape

We are fantasy writers who believe that the reader is reading /accessing this content out of his own free will.

Any request to delete any content if it upsets someone is immediately accepted.

We stand up for who we are. We care about others

Remember who we are and what we do - in situations like this.

Your code and how you uphold it ...defines who you are .
one of her charming pic

juicy lips to suck

perfectly shaped body

and those shaved underarms which can make everybody mad

[Image: 1462774721-kat.jpg]
her delicious cleavage

love to drink her milk

[Image: e2156cb9e3a8e1dad7500c88dc74c2ad.jpg]
TW bohot khush hoga
(28-11-2018, 08:57 PM)Cumster Wrote: TW bohot khush hoga

welcome bro
perfectly shaped navel 

love to suck that sweat from her toned abs

[Image: tumblr_oclpw1CkYD1uejcvjo3_1280.jpg]
(28-11-2018, 08:57 PM)lpg Wrote:
(28-11-2018, 08:57 PM)Cumster Wrote: TW bohot khush hoga

welcome bro

Thanks bro
leg piece

[Image: Katrina-Kaif-Feet-2558052.jpg]
aahhhh suraiyya jaan legi kya

[Image: katrina-kaif-208.jpg]

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